VATSIM map - Help

After loading, this map shows all the planes and controllers who are online and their location. Planes are shown with their approximate heading orientation.

If you click on a plane , detailed information about that aircraft is presented such as altitude, ground speed and heading, if available.
If you click on the ATC icons , detailed information regarding that controller is shown such as their communication frequency and additional controller information.

You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out as well as the buttons (double-click left button to zoom in, right button to zoom out). Point at the location you wish to zoom and use the mouse wheel, for instance.

Additionally you can specify a location in the "Recenter on location" field so that the map is centered and zoomed in at that point, whether it is an airport (ICAO), intersection or VOR. This enables you to quickly see all traffic near that point. Remember that there are several VORs/NDBs with the same name. An intersection will probably be the best choice.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox since they are very quick browsers. Avoid using Internet Explorer since it is very slow and has incompatibilities with the Google Maps API.