The purpose of this site is to list a few utilities and add-ons provided for Microsoft Flight Simulator which enhance the experience of flying online. Here is a list of the utilities I have found to be more interesting and stable. The links are direct download links via this website and I have tried to include as much documentation and tutorials as possible.

Need routes?

The server grid I use to connect is VATSIM which is the most frequently used network of pilots and controllers that fly online. It has users from all over the world which enable you to fly virtually anywhere on the planet.

Below are a few online tools I have created in order to help you with planning you flights.

METAR info
Allows you to search for a specific ICAO's METAR or you can simply paste a METAR you already have. You can then have the METAR information decoded for easier comprehension.
Plan generator
This allows you to make sure MS Flight Simulator will follow a specific route. Many times your Virtual Airline (VA) specifies a route which is not the same as the simulator's. This tool allows you to paste the intended route and it will create an FS2004-compatible plan file (.PLN) and/or a Squawkbox plan file (.SFP) that you can download and load into the program.

Uses AIRAC cycle 3103 (Mar 2031)

Route airway checker
This is a useful tool when you wish to find out what airway can take you from waypoint A to waypoint B. You can even use a full route to find out airways that connect waypoints.
Euroscope sector converter
This tool allows you to grab a KMZ layout done on Google Earth with your sector drawn, and convert it to .SCT format so that it can be used in Euroscope.
Descent calculator
This tool allows you to calculate the correct point where to start your descent (TOD = Top Of Descent).
North Atlantic Tracks
This tool shows you which NATs are currently active and shows them on the map.
UTC time converter
This tool allows you to convert your non-real UTC time (FS time) to the current UTC time, especially useful for oceanic flights.
VATSIM online map
This allows you to see all flight currently online in VATSIM. This tool is pretty similar to ServInfo only online. You can also specify a location (ICAO, Intersection or VOR) to automatically pinpoint traffic around it.
This allows you to see the statistics of all ATC on VATSIM. Information is provided on a weekly basis and is ordered by online time.
SID/STAR searcher
This tool allows you to enter a SID or STAR designation and it will show you the departure/arrival route that the ATC has given you.

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