FSMine - Time converter

Use this tool when you're not flying with the correct time in FS. You can be flying during the night but have FS configured to fly at a daytime hour. This tool will help you convert from your time into the real-life current UTC time. Say you're flying and it is 1245z. Oceanic ATC comes online and you must provide them with a position report at a waypoint. That estimate (according to your time) is at 1300z (in about 15 minutes). Simply type in 1245 in the "Your FS time" field and 1300 in the "Estimate" field. Then click "Convert". The estimate time will be adjusted to the real-time estimate.

Your FS time: (UTC!)
This will be the time that you have configured in FS.

Required estimate:
This will be the time that your FMC is reporting a specific waypoint.